Emma Rawson

My background in fine art and teaching has led me to glass which is a material I am continually amazed by with its capacity to simultaneously reveal and conceal.

I am keen to establish my practice with carefully hand crafted sculptural objects and have been exploring themes that relate to the nature and formation of visual traces and memory. As houses and homes are dismantled and cleared, memories of them are also translated from physical sites of material experience into untouchable sites of memory. The imagery in my work is sourced from domestic locations and translated into unreachable objects that aim to suggest further how memory can be unreliable and obscured, how when detached from material objects, it can fade and wither.

I use float sheet that is screen printed, deep fused, cold worked and composed. Float glass, with its tendency to devitrify at high temperatures, naturally creates ambiguous and unpredictable degrees of clarity to the individual pieces, while creating subtle ranges of tone and colour.


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